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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Gifts PLR Special

101 Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Gift Ideas for Holidays & Special Occasions


Hi PLR Friends,

If you struggle with creating content to promote Essential Oil and Aromatherapy products, then this is the deal for you.

And today you can get an entire set of content resources you can use to expand your Essential Oils business.

This release is called "101 Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Gift Ideas For Holidays And Special Occasions " PLR Special. Check out all the details and add this Done-for-You bundle to your offers.


We've done the market analysis for you.

  • A growing consumer shift to natural, environmentally friendly products has contributed to popularity of essential oils.
  • Industry operators are expanding into new markets.
  • Disposable income has increased which has contributed to growth in demand from several key industries, including soap manufacturers, cosmetic and beauty product manufacturers and cleaning product manufacturers.
  • Young Living Essential Oils and doTerra continue to establish their brand names and thereby increase their market share.
  • Global essential oil market was valued at USD around 5.50 billion in 2014 and is anticipated to reach around USD 9.80 billion in 2020.
  • According to studies by Global Industry Analysts, it is expected that alternative medicine sector to reach close to $115 billion by 2018.
  • Market growth is fueled by a trend toward herbal and nature-based products.
  • Dietary and lifestyle choices are essential to prevention or recovery from health problems
  • he target audience seeking natural health remedies range from thirty to sixty-nine years of age. This demographic represents about 46% of the total demand.
  • Global health and wellness sales on the way to hit a record high of US $1 trillion this year

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Ready for your special touch. Branded By You.


Premium Ebook Keeps Your Product Sales Funnels Fresh

Fully illustrated and formatted.

Easily edited with Word or OpenOffice.

A super easy resource loaded with Amazon products, combined with tips and gifting ideas! Links to products are provided - just change to your own!

NOTE: You can publish this material to your blog or social media posts. You can not distribute it as a download or in email with Amazon links. However, you can insert your own products/links which are not Amazon and use as a download. 

"101 Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Gift Ideas For Holidays And Special Occasions" eBook

Over 17,500 words. 115+ pages. Illustrated. Resource links

YOGA Course Private Label Rights

Note: This image only shows the first pages of the entire ebook (over 100 pages)

Resource Toolbox

Or Use to Expand Your Blog

Quick Reference Resource - Quick Facts

Lead Magnet: Special Report, over 15 pages and 1,500 words. Designed and written to appeal to the person who wants to use (or sell) essential oils and aromatherapy. Use as a list builder or informational handout. Use as a teaser to purchase information or physical products. Great resource for team building. (PDF only. They may not edit it)

Done-For-You Book Review

Book Review: Amazon Best Seller. Monetize with your affiliate link, publish to your blog and get them cookied to Amazon.  Another Instant Resource 1,200+ Words, 3+pgs

Remember Cliff Notes from high school? No?

Cliff Notes provided a condensed version of a book which you could quickly read and then prepare a book report.

Let subscribers in on what you are reading with this Done-For-You book review. Post to your blog and monetize with your Amazon link if you wish.

You Don't Even Have To Read The Book!

(We won't tell!)

Editable Graphics

Covers for eBook and Resource Materials

No need to start from scratch with our pre-made templates

Cover - 6 styles; Reports 2 styles

Blogging Content

Fill Your Content Publishing Calendar With Pre-Written Articles

Modify with a new title and add supporting content such as illustrations or images, statistics, quotes, graphs, or videos and always a call-to-action.

10 articles (Generous 500+ words) in Word .docx and .txt format.

  1. Aromatherapy and Massage 504
  2. Aromatherapy Equipment Essentials 510
  3. Aromatherapy How to Get Started Safely 521
  4. Essential Oils and Mood Enhancement 531
  5. Essential Oils for Stress 512
  6. Main Benefits of Aromatherapy 505
  7. The Benefits of Lavender in Aromatherapy 513
  8. The Healing Properties of Essential Oils 504
  9. What are Essential Oils 515
  10. What is Aromatherapy 510


Social Media Images

Inspirations and tips

Publish to social sharing sites, use to build backlinks, whip out your iPhone and share it with potential customers at the grocery store, salon, Bunko party.  Editable PSD included.
You are a Marketer Extraordinaire!

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  • DFY Funnels

    Sales Copy is ready to go.  Just add your Buy Button and branded eCover.

  • Premium Articles

    Informative articles ready to post. Just add your Call-to-Action.

  • Resource Kit

    More great content to use as handouts or to expand your blog

  • Academic Resources

    Leading web resources for niche topic

  • Eye Catching Graphics

    Ecovers, illustrations and graphics are royalty-free and no attribution required.

  • Connections

    Social media images for expanding your visibility – Connect!

  • Implementation Tutorials

    Step-by-step tutorials with added value tips.
    No charge for the tips. 🙂

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Unlimited Purposes

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Affiliate Profit Resource

WordPress Plug-in makes is easy to create comparison charts!

This is a must-have tool for review sites

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4 styles of comparison charts!


Case Studies

Case studies are great ways to show people how essential oils are used in the medical field, as well as for health and wellness at home and school. 5 Case Sudies

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Profitable Pricing Strategies

$27 Free


Membership Site Profits (MRR)





Step-by-Step Implementation Tutorials (VIDEOS)



Your PLR License


Now It's Your Turn

Producing information products is expensive unless you do all the work. Ugh, how long would that take you to complete just this massive gift catalog?

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  • DFY Product: Premium Quality Ebook, illustrated with resources, over 115 pages and 17,500 words
  • Quick Reference: Great for beginner orientation; 1,500 words, 15 pages
  • Amazon Best Seller Book Review, 3 pages
  • 10 Articles(500+ words): Written by professional health/wellness writer
  • Gorgeous eCovers: 6 Styles
  • Resource Report Covers: 2 Styles
  • Social Media Images: 10 messages for social portals or blog
  • BONUS #1: WP Affiliate Profit Plus WP Plug-in (Comparison Charts)
  • BONUS #2: Case Studies: Medical, Home, School
  • BONUS #3: Profitable Pricing Strategies
  • BONUS #4: Membership Strategies (MRR)
  • BONUS #5: Get Results Implementation Training (Videos)
  • License: Full Private Label Rights

101 Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Gift Ideas PLR Special