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Hello PLR Friends,

Kater here from with a new release of wellness content you can copy, brand and sell or give away to your clients.

This product, “Bodyweight Fitness for the Work At Home Entrepreneur” is designed to appeal to people who work out of their home, but find they are out of shape, overweight and need new inspiration to get fit. They are part of a segment of people who are ready to make lifestyle changes that make them look and feel in charge of their life and their body.

The work-at-home entrepreneur isn’t something new.  Heck, you probably consider yourself part of this population.  These people are self-directed people who don’t need to be part of a group to have success. In fact, the do better finding their own next “personal best” and avoid group classes. 

Often these people are over 40, 50 and 60’s. They are getting older, spending a lot of time in front of the computer, having web-based meetings and they are very sedentary.  They have put on weight, can’t keep up with their active kids and sense they have lost control of their own physical well-being.

Some may invest in a personal trainer for at-home workouts and coaching because they would rather workout at home instead of taking time to go to a gym.  Either with or without a coach, they still need direction on exercises they find inspirational and motivating.

That’s where you come into the picture with answers and strategies they can implement immediately. In fact, you can get them started with simple 5-minute workouts to ease them into success with Bodyweight Fitness. If you are a personal trainer, use these products to educate your clients about bodyweight fitness.

People want don’t want to live their lives in a shell of blubber without strength and agility.

And most of all, they want to take back the power and control over how their body looks and feels…

…And there you are with simple, expert-approved strategies to help empower them with self-directed bodyweight fitness.


“Bodyweight Fitness for the Work At Home Entrepreneur


Just look at the trend for search interest in bodyweight.  


Trend Analysis: This chart shows 7 years of consistent increase in search for the term “bodyweight” with each year reaching a new peak.  This topic is not going to run out of steam and meshes well with several health and wellness niches. Check out everything you get with this product. [/ez_box]










Bodyweight Fitness PLR Special